Massage Therapy

Blended Massage

Enjoy a relaxing, but therapeutic massage. Each massage incorporates a different blend of modalities depending on the specific needs of the client, from different levels of pressure, trigger point, stretching, heat therapy. And for that extra bit of spa.... The Deluxe massages also include paraffin treatment on hands and feet, with a soothing back scrub!

60 Minutes$70.00  
90 Minute massage$100.00  

Deluxe Blended Massage

Enjoy a relaxing, but therapeutic blended massage plus paraffin treatment on hands and feet, and a soothing back scrub.

60 minutes$90.00  
90 minutes$110.00  

Massage for the Modest

A massage designed for those who just aren't comfortable with traditional massage. Includes a head, face, and arm massage, a hand massage with paraffin dip, and a relaxing leg and foot massage.

60 minutes$75.00  

Tension Relief Escape

In our busy schedules we may not feel we have a lot of time in our day. Escape to a Tension relieving massage and re-energize!!!

30 minutes$40.00  

Escape Massage Packages

Tranquililty Escape

Start your escape with a wonderful cleansing and scrub on the back, with warm moist towels and massage followed with a relaxing face toning. The hands and feet also enjoy Perfect Sense Paraffin treatment.

90 minutes approx.$125.00  

Vitality Escape

Your choice of salt or sugar! For complete renewal and relaxation, exfoliate your body to a soft and silky youthful glow. Followed with a Swedish Massage.

90 minutes$125.00  

Body and Face Treatments

Back Treatment

includes a hot towel wrap, detox scrub and mud mask, ending with massage

60 minutes$65.00  

Sugar Body Scrub

Refresh and renew your skin with a body scrub that removes dead skin and releases a new youthful glow.

45 minutes$50.00  

Face Toning

The treatment beings by cleansing your skin; massage increases circulation and helps tone facial muscles. Warm moist towels applied provide calm relaxation. Hands and feet will also have benefits of a luxurious massage.

60 minutes$75.00  

Simply Steam

The Steamy Wonder's Spa patented canopy system offers the most effective, affordable and healthy way to steam and purify. Lying down on a cushioned table adds relaxation to the treatment and allows the head and neck to be kept cool.

30 minutes$30.00  

Paraffin Infusion Therapy

Treat hands and feet to a relaxing massage and hydrating therapy . Sanitary doses of spa grade paraffin give a more superior experience than any deep heat treatments.

Hand Therapy $30.00  
Foot Therapy $30.00  
Combination Hand & Foot Therapy$45.00